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Norway | Kjetil Tidemandsen, Schibsted Media Group. |

Schibsted Media Group are owners of some of the largest and most important media brands in Norway. When we considered to promote HEI Online as a service to our customers it was most important that we did a solid job evaluating in forehand. When we make partnerships our customers expect, demand and trust us to go with the best operators that offer good value, keep promises and take their needs seriously.  HEI Online is a partner that fulfills our expectations. Since we launched the service January 2014 an increased number of customers have saved a lot of money when booking a hotels worldwide. During this period the services is also been evolved and improved to maybe the most user friendly in business. But most important is that if one customer has any complaint or need he or her will get immediate personal assistance. We feel very relaxed and comfortable that our customers use the services of Hotel Express International.