What is Hotel Express Online?

Hotel Express Online is a members only hotel booking engine. Because our prices are only available to members, we are able to offer great prices that are not publicly available through regular hotel booking websites. Hotel Express Online offers access to more than 230 000 Hotels worldwide. We launched Hotel Express Online in 2013, to give companies and organisations a possibility to have their own hotel booking website (white label site) branded to their profile. We continuously work to improve Hotel Express Online and in 2016 a new design was released. We also released applications that can be branded for Android and Apple devices to further increase the customer experience.

What is a White Label?

A White label is a website that is hosted, developed and maintained by us, but it can be rebranded to make it appear as if it belongs to your company.
We can set up a white label website with your logos, colour scheme, pictures and information.

Visit our demo website found here to further investigate the white label solution.

Or click here to find out more about Hotel Express Online branding.

How can my employees, customers or members benefit from Hotel Express Online?

Hotel Express Online will ensure that your employees, customers or members will benefit from the best available prices for hotel accommodation online.
Price comparisons have shown that you can save up to 60% and on average you will save 20% compared to publicly available hotel booking sites. We are so confident in our prices that we even offer a lowest price guarantee!

How will Hotel Express Online work for my company or organisation?

Depending on your company's profile there are several different ways you can benefit from Hotel Express Online.

  • Employees
    You can offer access to Hotel Express Online to your employees as a company benefit, where the employees get access to the system and they can then save money on all their hotel accommodation needs for themselves and their family.
  • Customers
    You can offer access to Hotel Express Online to your customers as a loyalty product.

    They can then enjoy savings on all their hotel accommodation needs.

  • Members
    You can offer access to Hotel Express Online to your members as a member benefit.

    All your members can then benefit from great prices for all their hotel accommodation needs.

  • Company Hotel booking
    You can also use Hotel Express Online for your company’s hotel accommodation needs.
    The company or the employees can book directly via the white label and by doing this ensure great hotel prices without the involvement of a third party. You will also be able to log in to our back office, which allows you to view all bookings made and who made them.

Is my company or organisation eligible for a white label solution?

The white label solution is designed for sizeable companies and organisations with a large number of employees, members or customers, however there are several other factors that need to be taken in to consideration, if you are interested in Hotel Express Online and our white label solution. Please contact us and give us some more information about your company or organisation.

Is there any cost involved?

It depends on your company and organisation, please contact us for more information.

Is Hotel Express Online available in my country?

Yes, Hotel Express Online is available to companies and organisation all over the world.