Your company’s own booking portal – branded to fit your company profile

The Hotel Express Online portal is fully adjustable, here you can see how we can customize our product to match your company brand:

• web page address with your company name

• your company logo

• your own images and illustrations to present your company, products and services in best way

• your own text and messages to reach your registered users

• your company contact information

• your own links and short messages

• testimonials from your registered users



See how the white label for has done it! sells tickets for cultural and sports events. They signed up for a White Label with Hotel Express Online and have provided access to all their customers. They now use the Hotel Express Online white label to promote upcoming events to their customers. Click on slider bullets and check how they used their 5 sliders.

Additionally in the info section they have links to take their users directly to the page where they can buy tickets for promoted events.