Major updates to the hotel booking software

Since 2019 a lot of improvements have been made to our hotel booking platform. The times with covid has made the travel industry suffer from the reductions in travellers, while at the same time opened some opportunities to build up and prepare for when things are opening. During this period, we’ve made lots of improvements to our platform with the main part being the development of the hotel package booking system. 

The hotel package system opens a new market for travel sales where you can sell packages like “Weekend in Rome”, “Vacation in Europe” or any type of hotel package you would like to sell. The solution from our end is set up and ready to use. We have already more than 15 partners actively using this platform with great success. Ways to sell this is for example if you have your own web shop where you can sell gift cards or experiences online, you can add an own section for hotel packages. If you have your own system with codes for redemption, we can integrate with the options to check and redeem these codes, or alternatively use the system we have ourselves to create and use codes.

If you would be interested in becoming a partner or distributor you can find us through the “contact us” section and leave us a message and we will contact you.