New functionality added to Hotel Express Online

We have now released a new update to Hotel Express Online. Below we list the new functionality that has now been implemented to Hotel Express Online:

  1. Made discount vouchers available
  2. Implemented a new design for emails sent from Hotel Express Online
  3. Made filter search available in the left menu
  4. Updated to also show rate per night on availability searches
  5. Made sub categories available to white label sites

Discount voucher:

We have updated the system to support discount vouchers. Below you can see a screenshot of the book now page, when applying a discount voucher to the booking.


New template for emails:
We have updated the design for emails sent from Hotel Express Online. The new layout is implemented for welcome email, forgot password, cancellation email, best price guarantee. On the welcome email it’s also possible to log in automatically in directly from the email. Below is a screenshot of the welcome email layout.

Filter search:

The filter search earlier found under advanced search from the top header of the hotel listing has now been moved over to the left filter menu. You will now see all the possible filter search as soon as you have completed a search.


Rate per night:

For hotel listings of more than one night we have now added an additional column that will show the price per night, and where the total price is showing it is now showing the total number of nights.




Sub categories:

We have added a new functionality that will allow sub categories for all white label sites. For example if this is set up for a golf union, it would be possible to add a list of golf courses which members can select as their home club. This will make it possible to find out from which golf club the registered member belong to.


As part of this update we have also added the possibility to register a membership number during the registration process. This will be available on the downloadable booking reports.